Stronger Together – HCF 8/21 Info Session Proceedings

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On August 21 at the Riverside Village Hall, Healthy Communities Foundation staff, board members, and over 130 grantees and community members gathered to discuss the Healthy Communities Foundation’s new strategic plan and 2018 grant application.

With an emphasis on collaboration, HCF chose the theme “Stronger Together” to introduce the strategic plan and 2018 General Operating Support grant application cycle. We thank everyone who attended and engaged with us as we embark on a new grant cycle! We have posted the presentation deck below, along with a transcript, podcast of the proceedings and Q&A from audience members. 

In the development of our strategic plan, we aimed to conduct a comprehensive analysis of local health-related issues by commissioning local research for our zip code funding region, holding convenings with community stakeholders and engaging with peers on a national level. From these activities, we clearly heard the need for more connection to resources and health information and collaboration between organizations and those they serve.

Our theme, “Stronger Together”,  acknowledges the importance of participation and contribution of community stakeholders, many of whom attended the Info Session, in helping deliver the vision of our strategic plan. “Stronger Together” also reflects upon our belief in health equity. In order to truly be a healthy community, we have to address the conditions that influence health and access to care so that all of the residents of our region, regardless of where they happen to live, enjoy their full potential for good health. The fullness and richness of life and the work and support of all those represented in the room are what will help improve people’s lives. That, in its entirety, will indeed lift the community, its health prospects and its future. We are Stronger Together. 

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