Our Community Space

Our Community Space

A core value of Healthy Communities Foundation (HCF) is to bring individuals together to share wisdom and cultivate trust, collaboration, and coordination. One of the ways we live out this value is by offering the Community Space located at our Riverside office to qualified organizations for meetings, special events, and other gatherings.

Below is detailed information about how to make a reservation, space capacity and other use requirements. Please note that all reservations are subject to review to ensure alignment with our mission and core values as a Foundation. 


Organizations & Events

Nonprofit organizations may request the use of our Community Space if they:

        • Are 501(c) (3) organizations, and
        • Serve residents within our region or are a part of collaboratives/community groups that are aligned to our core values
        • Use the Community Space for tax-exempt purposes that align with our Foundation’s core values and commitment to racial/ethnic equity and health equity.

Any exceptions are made at our discretion. Please note that we require proof of 501(c) (3) status before approving an organization’s request to reserve the Community Space. 


Eligible organizations will receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting the reservation request. 

We will review submitted reservations on a weekly and first-come, first-served basis. Upon approving a request, we will send the organization approved to use the Community Space a reservation confirmation via email within seven (7) business days. The confirmation email will contain a Conference Room Checklist, Event Host Responsibility Checklist, Release of Liability and other important information relevant to the reservation.

For any questions about reserving our community space, please submit them here

Note: We are a member of the FBRK Impact House (200 West Madison, Chicago, IL 60606). If eligible organizations are interested in reserving meeting or event space at FBRK Impact House, they can contact us here.


Eligible event hosts may:

      • Reserve the space up to ninety (90) days and no less than two (2) weeks in advance.
      • Use the space up to four (4) times per year (January 1st – December 31st) and no more than twenty (20) total hours in a calendar year.

Exceptions may be made with our prior approval.


In the event of a cancellation for an approved reservation, please notify us within least seven (7) days of the event date. 

If an internal need arises and the Foundation needs to use the Community Space, we reserve the right to cancel the approved reservation up to two (2) weeks of the event’s start date.  


The Community Space is an open conference room with a maximum capacity of 50 people. The seating capacity for theatre or classroom-style events is 25 people. (Note: This considers physical distancing.) The Community Space contains 12 6-foot tables and 25 chairs and a podium with a digital screen.

The space is equipped with the following:

      • Wi-Fi access 
      • Virtual-enabled “Owl” camera [Note: The camera works with Zoom & Microsoft Teams.]
      • Monitor with Wi-Fi capability

See more information about audio/visual capabilities available to event hosts in the FAQs below under “Is Audio/Visual support available?”.

The Community Space also contains a kitchen with a sink and refrigerator. A small conference room with a seating capacity for two people is also available during the use of the Community Space. (Note: The small conference room is not available for booking but can be used as a private space during an event.)  


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What is HCF’s COVID policy?

We are committed to creating a safe office environment. During the past few years, we have sought to respond carefully and considerately to a rapidly evolving public health crisis and followed public health officials’ guidance and state and local regulations.

Office guests are encouraged to wear a face mask, but it is not a requirement to be in the Community Space. We also encourage guests to take a COVID test prior to events, but it is not required. 

Are there any fees associated with using the Community Space?

The Community Space is offered free of charge. Approved organizations hosting events in the space cannot charge attendees for their event other than to cover basic food costs (e.g., no ticket or product sales). 

What are the hours of use?

The Community Space can be booked Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm, based on schedule availability. 

      • Reservations must allow enough time for set-up and clean-up by the event host. 
      • Time extensions will not be permitted before 8:30am CT or after 4:30pm CT. 

We do not offer weeknight or weekend reservations of the space. However, if eligible organizations are interested in reserving the space after 4:30pm CT or during the weekend, they will need to contact us for consideration.  

Are food and beverages allowed?

Food & non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Community Space. We do not provide any food or beverage service. (Note: Alcohol and alcoholic beverages are not permitted at the Community Space). 

The approved organization and event host is responsible for supplying utensils, plates, napkins, etc., for the event and for setting up and cleaning any food service offerings. 

Is audio/visual support available?

The Community Space is equipped with AV equipment as listed under question “What is the capacity of the HCF Community Space and what resources are available to me in the space?”. The approved organization and event host are responsible for providing laptops, thumb drives, and adapters as needed for the event. If the event host needs a podium and plans to project on its screen, they should bring a thumb drive containing only the picture(s) or information to be displayed. (Note: Use of AV/Media requires a software download. Instructions are available upon request before the event and will also be available in the space.)

What kind of event support do you offer?

The approved organization and event host will be responsible for supplying necessary meeting supplies (e.g., flip charts, markers, paper, pens) and providing any photocopies of documents. We do not provide business services. 

Will I be responsible for clean-up after the event?

After the event, the event host must ensure that all furniture is returned to its original set-up and the Community Space is thoroughly cleaned. Our ability to provide free use of the Community Space relies on the approved organizations ensuring the rooms are ready for subsequent use. An event host’s compliance with room configuration and cleanup requirements will impact opportunities for future use of the Community Space. 

Are there other use requirements for me to know?

We assume that all event hosts uphold high ethical standards without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, or disability. 

In the event of damage to the Community Space or equipment, the approved organization shall bear the responsibility of replacing, repairing and/or cleaning the damaged property or reimbursing the Foundation for any damage. 

What do I need to know regarding building security?

The approved organization must assign a person to open the door and greet their guests by the HCF office entrance on the first floor. In the case of late arrivals, the approved organization may also designate a point person for those guests to notify. Under no circumstance may the outside door be propped open. 

What should I consider in terms of parking?

The Community Space is located at 19 Riverside Road, Riverside, IL 60546, across from the Riverside Town Hall and Fire Station. Guests can park along Riverside Road and Quincy Street. Parking is not permitted in the First American Bank lot.