What We Believe

We recognize that to advance health equity in our region we need to invest in the capacity of local leaders, organizations, communities, and systems.


Beyond general operating support, we seek to enhance the ways organizations and communities deliver the programs and services that help residents in our region maintain their health and well-being.

Our Vision

At Healthy Communities Foundation, we envision a region with resilient leaders and organizations working in tandem to provide culturally affirming programs and services that help all residents maximize their health and wellness. We know that organizations are not immune to challenges and dilemmas – whether related to internal factors such as infrastructure, organizational culture, or leadership, or external factors such as responding or adapting to sudden disruptions or crises.


For us, what is at the heart of this is how we invest in people and organizations who understand that our mutual success relies on a vibrant, thriving ecosystem. This also requires ongoing commitment and action to address health equity through racial equity, racial healing and racial justice. Funders and nonprofit organizations alike must interrogate the ways we uphold policies, practices and assumptions that hold our communities back from experiencing full, healthy, resilient lives. 


We’re committed to healthy, sustainable organizations and ecosystems that support health and well-being through an equity lens. 


This means focusing on what health and well-being looks like within organizations as much as it does for the communities that access their services. We seek to sustain the people who are central to this work as much as we do to invest in organizational infrastructure, strategy and sustainability.

Current Initiatives

Capacity building can take many forms to strengthen and enhance organizations. We partner in a variety of ways with peer funders to offer capacity building resources and tools. Current initiatives include AMPT: Advancing Nonprofits and Forefront’s Mission Sustainability Initiative.  


We plan to phase in additional opportunities in 2021. Please refer back to this page for future updates.