Our grantmaking priorities guide us to fund downstream (ACCESS to Quality Health Care), midstream (ADDRESS Social Determinants of Health) and upstream solutions (ADVOCATE for policies and systems change and AUGMENT Local Health Knowledge) to advance racial equity and health equity. This approach allows us to address immediate health needs while working to support systems change efforts for a healthy and resilient region. 


In this grant cycle, we increased funding for our midstream and upstream grantmaking priorities, given the number of organizations identifying community priorities that center on the need to address social determinants of health and advocate for systems change. Additionally, we have remained committed to directing the majority (70%) of our grantmaking to the Legacy and Equity area in our service region, compared to 62% in 2022, demonstrating our deepening partnerships and investment in these zip codes. 

TOTAL GRANTS – $3,145,000


LEGACY & EQUITY – Represents partners that primarily serve communities in Chicago and western Cook County suburbs that experience the greatest health inequities in our region and have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

REGIONAL – Represents partners that serve communities across our entire service region.

SUBURBAN REGIONAL – Represents partners that primarily serve our region’s communities in west suburban Cook County.


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Partner Count

Geo Focus - ANNUAL (2023)



Funding Amount - ANNUAL (2023)

TOTAL: $3,145,000


Below is the list of our 2023 grant recipients, including a description of their work and geographic focus, categorized by how we see their work aligning with our grantmaking priorities.

ACCESS to quality health services (Downstream)

2023 grantee partners who demonstrate innovation in removing physical, financial, and/or cultural barriers to health care while also highlighting and engaging in upstream solutions that address the root causes of the health inequities community experiences.


Provides multi-lingual, trauma-informed services to children and their non-offending family members who are alleged victims of sexual and/or physical abuse, and witnesses or victims of major crimes such as murder, domestic violence, kidnapping, and human trafficking. 

Suburban Regional

Provides educational advocacy and therapy services for families with children with disabilities to achieve their highest level of independence in the home, school, community, and workforce. 

Legacy & Equity: Brighton Park

Provides free, bilingual (Spanish) specialized therapeutic services and clinical case management, engaging residents in healing-centered, holistic, and collaborative community-based mental health supports. 

Legacy & Equity: Brighton Park; Gage Park

Provides essential primary care services, including physical, dental, and mental health services, to low-income and uninsured community members. 

Legacy & Equity: Little Village

Provides bilingual (Spanish) youth education and leadership, safety and violence prevention, and health and mental health services for Cicero and Berwyn youth.  

Legacy & Equity: Berwyn; Cicero


Offers health screenings, mental health resources, and safety-net services for children, their families, and adults with disabilities to help them achieve excellence and participate fully in life. 

Legacy & Equity: Cicero

Offers community-based bilingual (Spanish) individual, group, and family counseling and case management services and provides bilingual mental health education and resources. 

Legacy & Equity: Cicero 

Provides community-based bilingual (Spanish) behavioral health, substance abuse recovery, and social services to empower individuals, families, and communities. 

Legacy & Equity: Maywood; Austin 

Provides primary care, nutrition education, and behavioral health services for Maywood youth. 

Legacy & Equity: Maywood


Delivers no-cost medical and preventative care, education, and support to low-income children and families within their communities aboard mobile medical clinics. 


Supports pregnant and parenting young moms by providing resources to stabilize the child’s and mother’s health, housing, and economic needs through a two-generational framework. 

Suburban Regional: Oak Park

Operates 11 clinics in the HCF service region that integrate primary care, behavioral health, and oral health through a medical home model. 

Legacy & Equity: Austin 

Helps to rebuild lives damaged by addiction in a personalized healing environment to achieve continuous sobriety. 

Legacy & Equity: Maywood 

Provides mental health services for youth and families and partners with local schools to offer youth development and leadership programming.   

Legacy & Equity: Berwyn

ADDRESS social determinants of health (Midstream)

2023 grantee partners who demonstrate the ability to improve community health by addressing structural and social determinants of health in ways that are racially equitable. 


Leads the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) for suburban Cook County, which documents needs of individuals experiencing homelessness, pinpoints provider response, and identifies improvement areas to end homelessness. 

Suburban Regional

Delivers emergency and housing services to reduce and end homelessness in southwest suburban Cook County.

Legacy & Equity: Summit

Provides hunger-relief services including food, resources, knowledge, and skills people need to live healthy, active lives and to end hunger. 

Legacy & Equity: Berwyn 

Delivers comprehensive, family-centered programming in response to the needs of the Latinx community, including adult day services.


Provides legal support for individuals who do not otherwise have access to paid time off, healthcare benefits and other workplace policies, which impacts health outcomes for workers and their families. 

Legacy & Equity: South Lawndale; Berwyn 

Promotes the creation of stable, living wage jobs with racial and gender equity through leadership development, advocacy, direct action, and community accountability. 



Increases accessibility by providing medical equipment to uninsured or underinsured individuals.

Legacy & Equity: Brighton Park 

Provides weekly deliveries of free, fresh, healthy produce to foodinsecure households in Chicago’s West side neighborhoods, including Austin, Chicago Lawn, Gage Park, and Marquette Park.

Legacy & Equity: Austin; Chicago Lawn

Serves families and their children by providing various health and wrap-around family services.

Legacy & Equity: North Lawndale; Cicero 

Supports student nutrition, provides nature experiences and connects with communities through schools and neighborhood gardens. 

Legacy & Equity: North Lawndale

Offers free, year-round programming for local youth and families to expand access to health resources and build community in Gage Park. 

Legacy & Equity: Gage Park

Provides millions of pounds of fresh and preserved food and meals daily to Cook County residents from a 268,000 square foot warehouse located in Brighton Park. 



Provides emergency safetynet assistance and supportive housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. 

Legacy & Equity: Broadview; Maywood; Oak Park 

MacNeal Hospital’s medical respite program, Sojourner House, provides patient-centered medical care for people experiencing homelessness to have a safe place to heal while securing stable housing.

Legacy & Equity: Cicero

Engages with community members to address housing instability, health access, racism, and other social determinants of health initiatives.

Legacy & Equity: Maywood

Connects Maywood residents with food distribution, youth and senior programming, and accompaniment services to navigate resources for unemployment, health and mental health, immigration and more. 

Legacy & Equity: Maywood

Provides a safe, structured communal living environment for women who have experienced homelessness and are recovering from addiction, mental health, and the long-term effects of inequity. 

Legacy & Equity: Austin


Addresses various health, legal, and social service needs by accompanying clients and offering interpretation, navigational assistance, basic case management, and socialemotional support to counter language access barriers and discrimination. 

Suburban Regional

Addresses the syndemics of HIV and the health and wellness of LGBTQIA+ youth of color, primarily ages 16-29, living in Austin and adjacent communities.

Legacy & Equity: Austin

Increases access to mental health resources, including workshops, therapy, and wellness kits for Black and Latinx youth in Proviso, and also mentors young adults in creative entrepreneurship and financial wellness. 

Legacy & Equity: Maywood

Addresses food insecurity and limited access to affordable, culturally-affirming and nutritionally-dense food in HCF region and provides hands-on urban agriculture job training that creates economic opportunity for youth, beginner BILPOC farmers, and men at high risk for gun violence. 

Legacy & Equity: North Lawndale

Enhances community members’ ability to have greater access to an integrated model of health prevention, primary care and wellness programs. 

Suburban Regional: Oak Park

Provides life skills, academic enrichment, and socialemotional learning activities for Oak Park youth to improve outcomes for themselves, their families, and community. 

Legacy & Equity: Austin

ADVOCATE for health policies & systems change (Upstream)

2023 grantee partners who promote systems change strategies that address the structural determinants of health in ways that meaningfully center and cultivate the leadership, expertise and solutions of communities and individuals most impacted by health inequities.


Educates and organizes immigrant workers about health, safety, and workplace rights as immigrants disproportionately work in the most dangerous, least regulated industries. Develops workers as community leaders to win systemic changes. 

Legacy & Equity: Austin; Berwyn 

Focuses on racial equity, mobility justice and environmental justice efforts such as: Go Hub and e-bike library, a hyperlocal advocacy coalition, Community Mobility Rituals, Mobility Opportunities Fund stipends supporting the purchase of climate-friendly transportation, installing public EV chargers and growing BikeForce workforce development.

Legacy & Equity: North Lawndale 

Advances the health and safety of Illinoisians by supporting health equity policy change at the systems level. 


Advocates for affordable, comprehensive health coverage for low-income adults who are undocumented and have no path to coverage under the Affordable Care Act or federally-funded Medicaid. 



Represents health and human services organizations to state government and raises the profile of their hundreds of coalition partners and the constituents they serve, focused on addressing the racial disparities in the health and human services sector. 


Works with community members to dismantle barriers to the care and services they need to stay healthy, fed, and housed. 


Utilizes community leadership development, local food entrepreneurship and efforts to build an economic justice and wellness center that promotes racial and economic equity in Maywood. 

Legacy & Equity: Maywood

Advocates for local, state, and national change to advance economic and racial justice. 


AUGMENT knowledge through capacity building (Upstream)

2023 grantee partners who demonstrate intentional partnerships that ensure local and public health data reflect and can be utilized by communities. This includes facilitation and direct support of community-led inquiry, data collection and outcomes reporting.


Provides infrastructure and technical assistance for Restorative Justice Hub Network partners rooted in Austin and Little Village. 

Legacy & Equity: Austin; South Lawndale 

Reports on hyperlocal health equity issues of labor, justice and advocacy impacting the immigrant community. Provides a pathway for emerging journalists from immigrant communities through mentorship and fellowships. 


Conducts bilingual, resident-driven reporting that centers the knowledge and resilience of Cicero’s immigrant, working-class community on health, education and civic engagement issues. 

Legacy & Equity: Cicero 

The coalition of 150+ healthcare workers, policy advocates, representatives from community-based organizations, and public officials focuses on health equity issues arising from the COVID pandemic, including long-covid and chronic disease.

HCF Regional


Provides mental health support services to individuals navigating the mental health system for the first time, via education, outreach, and drop-in services in Summit, Brookfield, Lyons and Oak Park. 

Suburban Regional

Provides services for families affected by domestic violence to safely navigate crisis, effectively process trauma and ensure self-sufficiency.


SUHI’s Center for CHW Research, Outcomes, and Workforce Development (CROWD) provides training, evaluation and support to grow the public health workforce.


Trains individuals in gunshot wound first aid, asthma support, protest defense, street medics, and community safety to seed collective care networks in Austin and North Lawndale. Plays an active role in public health advocacy campaigns to re-open trauma centers and to de-couple police intervention in mental health emergencies.

Legacy & Equity: Austin & North Lawndale