Recognizing Women’s History Month

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Recognizing Women’s History Month

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This Women’s History Month, we spotlighted some of our grantee partners who are dedicated to addressing women’s health and wellbeing in our region. The following six grantee partners work to eliminate health inequities in women’s healthcare and help address the social determinants of health that affect women’s wellbeing.

Equal Hope logo


Equal Hope helps women without private insurance navigate through the complex health issues. They work to save women’s lives by addressing women’s health holistically with the goal of eliminating inequities in prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship for all women. 

Read more about Equal Hope and their work in our region here.

EverThrive Illinois logo


For more than 30 years, EverThrive Illinois has worked to achieve health equity by advancing access to quality health care and support services for all Illinoisans. They believe in a society where all women, children, and their families can thrive and they are committed to working in solidarity with people on the ground through community-driven partnerships, policy action, and systems-change projects. 

Learn more about EverThrive Illinois’ work advancing health equity in our region here.

Mujeres Latinas en Accion logo


Mujeres Latinas en Acción is the longest-standing Latina-led organization in the nation and works with Chicagoland area Latinas, immigrants, survivors, and families as they heal, thrive, and lead. Over the past 50 years, they have developed a comprehensive array of social services and advocacy initiatives over the years that promote nonviolence, reproductive health, and leadership development.

Read more about Mujeres and their work in our region here.

New Moms logo


Changing the future for families experiencing poverty and homelessness, New Moms partners with young moms to strengthen their families as they progress toward housing stability, economic mobility, and family well-being by building core life skills, incorporating early childhood development supports, building pathways to and preparation for education and employment, and expanding positive social networks and access to resources in community. 

Learn more about their work helping young families in Chicago and the western suburbs here.

Sarah's Inn logo


Sarah’s Inn works to improve the lives of those affected by domestic and relationship violence and break the cycle of violence for future generations by addressing a lack of services for victims and their families. Sarah’s Inn provides comprehensive services for families affected by domestic violence so that they get the support they need to find safety, rebuild their lives, and heal with the goals of creating communities free of relationship violence. 

Read more about Sarah’s Inn, one of the largest and most comprehensive domestic violence agencies serving the Chicagoland area, here.

SisterHouse logo


Educating and empowering women to lead sober and fulfilling lives, the SisterHouse program provides a safe and structured networking community of women committed to excelling and improving all dimensions of their lives. Each new member of SisterHouse is genuinely welcomed and embraced with a love that will continue to speak word and deed relying on their sisterhood that has them linked by a common interest. They learn to live life on life’s terms in the most holistic way possible. 

Learn more about SisterHouse and their work in our region here.

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